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Набір для макіяжу


I believe that all women are beautiful without makeup. But with makeup, they are powerfully beautiful. (Bobby Brown)

Косметичні вироби

Makeup from a professional makeup artist allows you not only to emphasize natural beauty but also to make facial features more expressive, hide skin imperfections and give you impressive self-confidence.

Professional makeup is indispensable when there is a solemn event ahead, where you need to look luxurious. If you are looking for the services of a makeup artist, then our beauty salon offers the most popular types of professional makeup at an affordable price.

Types of makeup in The Now Beauty Lab

Well-gloominess and beauty are not only external data but also competent personal care, which implies a timely visit to a beautician and makeup artist. Our makeup artist in Rijeka will make a look that will emphasize the individual features of your face, hide imperfections and help you become the best version of yourself quickly and inexpensively.

Let's look at the types of makeup that our master does.

Day makeup

Makeup is an important part of the everyday look, on which a woman's self-confidence depends. Its tasks include correcting the oval of the face, evening out skin tone, a slight emphasis on the eyebrows or eyes, and creating the perfect texture of the lips. As a result, the face looks fresh, but not overloaded with cosmetics. Today, the following types of daytime makeup are in fashion:

  • in the style of "nude", which creates the effect of the absence of makeup;

  • in beige tones, where there are no accents, but the face looks neat and well-groomed;

  • with a slight emphasis on the eyes, eyebrows, or lips.

In our salon, you can get makeup at a bargain price in natural tones, which is ideal for daytime events, as well as for work and everyday life.


Evening makeup

Beautiful evening makeup can be ordered in our salon, where an experienced makeup artist will create stylish, accent makeup that will perfectly match the outfit and match the theme of the event. To keep it long, our stylists use long-lasting makeup that you don't have to touch up every half an hour.

Festive makeup is selected last when the outfit is ready and the hairstyle is thought out. It is from the style of your dress and the overall image that the make-up artist repels when creating makeup. We offer several varieties of evening makeup:

  • "smoky ice" - with a haze of thick shadows on the eyelids, which will create a beautiful accent on the eyes;

  • "cat's eye" - with arrows that will make the look seductive;

  • "retro" - with an emphasis on the lips;

  • "oriental" - with sparkles or highlighter.

Evening makeup will demonstrate your individuality, knowledge of fashion trends, and sense of style. If you are interested in the price of evening makeup, then you will be pleasantly surprised by its cost in our salon.

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup is a combination of day and evening. It should be light and inconspicuous, like daytime, but expressive and luxurious, like evening. To create this effect, natural colors are used, but denser textures so that the bride's face does not look pale and inconspicuous.

If you are looking for where to do wedding makeup, then come to our salon. A professional makeup artist will perform makeup of any complexity that will withstand any vagaries of the weather, emotional outbursts and will look great both in daylight and under artificial lighting.

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