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Well-groomed hands are like a dot at the end of a sentence. They complete your image and make it holistic. (Prabal Gurung)


The popular expression that hands are a woman's business card has many reasons. Well-groomed, neat, they create a pleasant impression, it is immediately clear that the girl pays attention to the details of her image. In addition, nail art can become its continuation - the personification of character or emphasizing the trends of the season. This is not only a matter of aesthetics, but also of health.

Manicure is a complex procedure for caring for the skin of hands and nails, consisting of their hygienic treatment, decoration with decorative elements.  If you prefer to do the uncoated option, then the procedure becomes shorter in time, since the last few steps are gone.

If a coating is necessary, the duration of the procedure depends on the type of material being applied:

  • ordinary;

  • medical;

  • gel polish;

  • extension.

The hygienic component of care avoids the appearance of such problems as:

  • burrs;

  • cracks;

  • fragility, the thinness of the plates;

  • dryness;

  • bundle;

  • ingrowth.

Types of manicure

Often people ask, what is a classic manicure? You can safely answer that edged. This type is one of the most popular services provided in our salon. When performing it, a remover is used to soften the skin, a set of metal tools. With their help, the master removes the cuticles with mechanical movements, removes the keratinized layer of the epithelium from the skin rollers, and lengthens the nail bed. ​


It is carried out by a special milling machine. This method is considered one of the safest and most effective, as it does not involve the use of sharp instruments. The device can be put in order in different hands. The essence of this type is the use of a special device with many nozzles. The master selects the cutters to be removed, based on the condition of the hands and nails. 


Masters often hear the question of what type of combined manicure is. Trimmed or not? The technique is efficient. It can combine different types, the choice takes into account the individual characteristics of the plates, the condition of the skin of the hands, and the desire of the client. Usually, the combined technique includes various types of nail procedures and involves the use of sharp instruments.

The most common is a combined manicure.

The choice of technique depends on the condition of the nails, and periungual ridges. Very hard plates with rough, rapidly growing cuticles, require a classic type in combination with a hardware one. For soft and fragile nails, a gentle technique is suitable, which can be supplemented with hardware polishing.


Pedicure is not only a decorative nail treatment, but also a complex caring procedure. It includes a wide range of manipulations and is aimed at bringing the legs into perfect order.

Benefits of a pedicure:

  • you can choose a pedicure individually, and if necessary, combine different methods, for example, hardware with a classic, etc.;

  • with competent work, it is possible to transform even the most difficult legs;

  • already after the first session, most of the problems disappear - the client gets rid of corns, calluses, and ingrown nails;

  • in advanced situations, you can resort to a medical pedicure - it allows you to solve not only aesthetic but also physiological problems.

Hardware pedicure

This type of pedicure is an effective and safe way to care for nails and feet. Hardware pedicure comes out on top in many salons and beauty centers. To carry out this type of pedicure, the master uses various interchangeable cutter heads. Thanks to interchangeable cutters, the master individually selects the necessary tool, which helps to efficiently and effectively clean the rough skin of the feet, remove the cuticle, and also form and polish the nail plate. 

Pedicure with elements of podology

This is a kind of hardware pedicure, in which the main attention is paid to the problems of the foot, heels, as well as a nail plate. With the help of this pedicure, you can get rid of cracks, ingrown nails, and core corns and improve the general condition of the legs.

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