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Masseurs are like musicians who have studied the same notes, but create completely different music: one will write jazz, the second will write classical, and the third will write something completely new. (Gabriel Askul)


Classic massage

Classic massage significantly improves the daily work of the muscles and reduces their tension, has a good effect on the functioning of the joints. And also, this type of massage is used for the prevention of diseases of internal organs and the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system.


Aroma massage

Aroma massage is a massage using essential oils. The main task is relaxation the person. This happens through the contact of essential oils with the nerve endings of the skin - an instant reaction of relaxation and relaxation. During a massage with tension, stress is reduced and the energy state improves, all this in combination creates harmony and well-being.  It is recommended to do an aroma massage at least 1 time per week, treatment - at least 5 sessions. Then you can do a preventive massage once a month.


Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is used to combat cellulite, excess weight, and swelling. It improves blood circulation and removes toxins from cells. As a result, the skin becomes elastic. A full course of massage helps to get rid of cellulite, increase muscle tone, and smooth out the skin texture. The recommended course of anti-cellulite massage is 10 sessions with a frequency of 2-3 once a week.​


Lymphatic drainage massage

This is a safe technique for influencing the lymph nodes and the lymph itself in the human body. It is the lymph that "transports" all the vital substances in the body: water, amino acids, minerals, and metabolic products. Massage allows you to normalize and even speed up the lymph flow. The main feature of the technique is that the specialist does not knead the muscles, and does not affect the entire selected area of the body. It performs massage movements strictly along the lines of the lymph flow, activating the movement of fluid in the body.


Hawaiian massage

Lomi-Lomi massage, which means “loving hands”, differs from ordinary massages in its special technique. The movements of the massage therapist during the massage are reminiscent of the sacred Hawaiian Hula dance, which uses the weight and center of gravity of the body and, in particular, the movement of the legs. In other words, the massage therapist is in constant rhythmic movement and uses very smooth, soft, and deep techniques during the massage, performed primarily with the forearms. Due to the rhythm and softness, this massage has a strong therapeutic and relaxation effect.

At the same time, the “loving hands” of masseurs harmonize the body and soul of not only the massaged guest but also their own! But for the hard "dance" work, they really deserve it, see for yourself. This original massage stimulates the blood circulation and lymphatic system, helping to detoxify the body, relieves muscle pain, fatigue, and tension, relaxes the joints, and harmonizes the body in general. It is recommended for overwork and absent-mindedness, frequent general pains, stiffness of muscles and joints, loss of mental balance, and nervousness.


Honey massage

This massage combines a general massage with the addition of honey. It offers a double benefit because it combines the healing power of honey and massage effects in one procedure. Honey massage can solve a whole range of problems that are typical for residents of modern cities. This procedure allows you to improve health, and increase the protective functions of the whole organism, which is very important, especially in the autumn-winter period, when the incidence of viral diseases increases.

It is a honey massage that is used for various diseases of the respiratory system, which can significantly speed up recovery and reduce the need for medical treatment.


Myofascial release

Myofascial release is an effective manual technique. The specialist manually affects both the muscles and the connective tissue, compresses and passively stretches the muscles, and also sets in motion stiff joints. This leads to the relaxation of myofascial structures and unblocking of trigger points. Myofascial release is indispensable where it is necessary to restore the lost range of motion in the joint, remove pain in the muscles, and eliminate the resulting muscle hypertonicity (increased tension).​


Myoplastic massage

Myoplastic massage is an author's massage technique aimed at deep working out of tissues in order to relieve muscle tension, open deep blood tunnels and soften compacted tissues. With the help of myoplastic massage, a specialist gets the opportunity not only to relieve tension in the muscles but also to influence the qualitative characteristics of tissues. Specific massage techniques allow the specialist to penetrate deep tissues without injuring them and work through each area with high quality.

Myoplastyfaces are aimed at restoring the contour of the face and stimulating tissue renewal through a deep effect on them. Facial oval correction occurs due to softening and reduction of tissues, stimulation, and restoration of the contractility of the facial muscles. Renewal of tissues - muscle, vascular, collagen, and elastin occurs due to improved nutrition and respiration of cells.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a technique by which a complex effect of the hands on the bones of the skull and sacrum is carried out, which, in turn, has a beneficial effect on the spine, joints, and muscles.​



Sports massage

Sports massage is a complex of physical effects on the body in order to increase efficiency and endurance. This type of massage is indicated for healthy people, athletes. Sports massage is an important part of physical culture, as it is the fastest way to restore muscle tone after exhausting exercise. Due to its influence, metabolic processes in the body are accelerated, and toxins and slags are quickly eliminated. Massage has a tonic effect on blood vessels, improves joint mobility, and alerts muscles, which is important during periods of increased physical activity.​


Children's massage

Children's massage is recommended for preventive purposes, as well as for the correction or treatment of certain abnormalities.

It helps in the physical development of the child, has a beneficial effect on peristalsis, nervous and digestive systems, and improves the circulatory function of the whole organism.


Stone therapy

Stone therapy originated in ancient China. Its peculiarity is that during a massage session, the master uses stones heated to the desired temperature. As a rule, volcanic rocks like basalt are used for heating in massage, while white marble is usually referred to as cold. The pebbles used in stone therapy are characterized by a special shape: flat and rounded, and their surface is polished, although in some cases (for example, for skin cleansing) rough specimens are used. The heat that black stones give off gradually warms up the body and improves blood flow. Due to this effect, the flow of oxygen, as well as beneficial nutrients to the organs, increases. And the use of white pebbles can relieve pain and inflammation.



Blades are massage tools that are made of medical steel and have smoothed edges. Work with blades is superficial, stroking, at the level of the fascia. With the help of blades, fibrosis is mechanically eliminated, metabolism improves, and decay products are more efficiently removed from cells, as well as fat.

Bamboo brooms

The bamboo "broom" massager is a useful device for high-quality massage. Massage with a bamboo broom has a positive effect on all body systems, toning and rejuvenating the skin, getting rid of cellulite, normalizing blood circulation, and improving blood circulation. In addition, a bamboo massager is a great helper in the fight against fatigue and stress.

Vacuum jars

Vacuum jars are a type of medical cups and are used to carry out a vacuum massage procedure for different parts of the body and face or a static effect on a specific area.